Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental Social and Governance “ESG” is the way a business contributes positively to the environment or social causes and conducts themselves responsibly. As a small, family-run and independent firm we are able to adopt this approach throughout the business in a way which is precise and effective.

Our investment process is future focused, and our aim is to hold funds that are designed to have positive environmental and social impacts. We believe that technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics are here to stay; there will be large Infrastructure spends as economies begin to adapt and diversify in this new world. With net-zero carbon targets proliferating across the corporate and governmental landscapes, fossil fuels will be replaced by clean energy, and health is likely to be a sector that has particular relevance as developing countries seek to do the same. ESG considerations are now built into our approach and clients can expect changes after their annual reviews. In terms of the recent shock of C-19, focus will remain on portfolios to be tailored to the objectives and timescales of clients.

Going forward, we as a firm also will continue to look at working with the community and lots of different charities. One of these includes the director sponsoring the SAS association after visiting their location in London. We continuously sponsor individuals for charitable causes and within the firm individuals also take part in their own individual charitable events such as the London marathon, triathlons, cycle rides including The Pru Ride 100.